I began working with Tiffany after a several year hiatus from performing vocally. Previously I had studied classical and broadway voice styles in undergrad and wanted to both work on getting back in shape, and also on stylistic versatility. Tiffany took into account my goals and my previous training in developing a warm-up and choosing repertoire specific to my needs. She was diagnostic while also encouraging when sharing areas of growth. Not only did Tiffany guide me towards greater mastery of my instrument, but her personality and character provided incredible support in overcoming the emotional challenges of believing in my voice and ability again. Working with her truly helped relaunch my love of vocal work and got me performing again. 

Shannon, MS, CCC-SLP

BA Theatre & Music

MS Speech-Language Pathology


Tiffany provides excellent vocal services. She cares about each student and knows how to make them feel comfortable. Her positive, encouraging, and valuable advice during each lesson helped my daughter gain her confidence in singing. I highly recommend Tiffany! She's the best!

Danielle Street


“A good vocal teacher" sees where you are and helps you get better. A great vocal teacher also sees where you can go and helps you see yourself better. Tiffany Jones is a great vocal teacher.”

Denise Madre
Author and Songstress

Denise M..jpg

Tiffany forever made an impact on me, my voice, and my artistry. She is one of the most knowledgeable, loving, and passionate voice teachers I've ever had the pleasure of studying under. Tiffany teaches you how to reach a level of professionalism by bringing passion to your art, teaching you vocal expansion and control, improvisational creativity, and performance skills. I am confident in my voice, and who I am as an artist because of Tiffany's guidance. I gladly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their vocal and artistic abilities!

Stephanie Bourland


Tiffany Jones is an incredible mentor and teacher. She personalizes her methodology and advocates for each student's individuality and personal strength. I have never felt more supported, challenged, and encouraged with any other teacher. She gave me the most well-rounded education I have ever received and left me feeling inspired after every lesson with her. I will be forever grateful for my time with her.

Melanie Ashe



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